So that's the choice you face every day when you to write.

Do you want to do it like a professional or an amateur? An amateur is passionate about writing.

A professional produces results.

Nothing romantic. Except for the money.

Money is the basis of romance.

It's what allows you to take your loved one to expensive restaurants... expensive restaurants and beautiful places, to buy wonderful gifts... travel together. Well try buying a ring for a smile.... At the core, there is always work to be done. Mechanical. The question is this - do you already have your professional procedures, or are you still waiting for inspiration? Are you producing results or sighs?

Of all my courses, this one is the most versatile and and is actually the foundation for all the others. Once you have it, you can write without being inspired, just by really simple methods of creating Curiosity, Interest, and Purchase.

If not now, when?

Yesterday at a training I was conducting online, something happened something that probably happens to you every time you you write something. After I discussed about 3 emotions in text, we went right into an exercise: discover an emotion for your information.

One participant is promoting and selling a information that induces lactation in mothers who are having trouble feeding their babies. I ask her: what emotion do you see? There was a quick answer: fascination! It was about suddenly being able to feed her baby, it's something wonderful. And this is what repeatedly happens to everyone who writes: she can to settle for the first answer that comes that comes to mind. Hooray, I've found it!

Settling for what's at hand is a mistake. Because I ask this participant: and what do you think about anger? Well, anger... how would you say it, we'd rather focus

on positive emotions, it makes your heart feel warmer. I say: think about what a mother feels when she has no breast milk, but would very much like to breastfeed her child? She tries everything they advise on the Internet and nothing. She may blame herself that she is a bad mother, her body that it does not her body that she can't handle it, maybe others who can't help her? She feels anger then, doesn't she?


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