1. What is the eternal insider analis law of nature?
  2. How do you get around these laws of nature?
  3. Who won the prizes in the "Course 2021" contest?

Let's start with a conversation in the boiler room, from the movie Teddy Bear:

A-D-M calls:

  • Boiler room listening?
  • My respects to your manager...
  • Yes, madam manager... Yes, sir... but...
  • Manager, I understand... I understand that you're cold. But when it's winter, it must be cold, right? Mrs.

    Manager, it's an eternal law of nature.

Do you know what cold insider analis is? Yes, like cold calling, which is insider analis to to strangers. It's when you get a spam email or a wire transfer offer from a Nigerian prince.

It's like frying scrambled eggs in a cold pan. The egg will spill, but it won't cook down and you end up with an uninteresting slush. And you have neither egg nor scrambled egg. The eternal law of nature is that we don't sell cold.

Hence, there have been methods of "warming leads," starting with Falles "Esthi" Cowboy Launch Formula to modern-day insider analis funnels and insider analis funnels and "lead nutrition." But there's a loophole in this law.

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