And it's nice to read a wise man, because you always learn something

-- If you're reading this page, you're probably neither stupid or dumb. Being able to read implies being able to write. That leaves laziness. Let's agree, everyone is entitled to it. I'm not going to step in anyone's life with my shoes. You have the right not to write and to outsource it to whoever you want. Who can say no to a rich man? I just mean one thing. You have the same right to write. Who can stop you... ...except you? Because that's where it's at. People can say whatever they want, but your word is all that matters. Why do you judge yourself so badly? Who told you that you can't analyze? Are you the lady behind the counter? And what business does she run, how much has she sold in her life, that she that she's talking about it? If you think that you are not fit to write - you will not write. And I'm telling you that you are.


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