For more than 150 years, this is how tipsters have been predictions talks in direct marketing you bets.

It's about remote predictions talks, where a customer reads a letter or brochure and sends their money to a complete stranger in return. Over the years, marketers have tried thousands of methods and only some of them have proven to be effective This morning I did something that took me 2 hours and blew of my schedule this morning.

So forgive me if today's post is short and to the point.

Well, something made me do an update of some program on my computer this morning. a certain program on my computer this morning. This is something you never do when you have something important to do. And writing a newsletter is the most important activity for me of every day. But I think to myself: what the heck, let it get done and I'll work :) It was silly and the computer started behaving in a very strange way - I'll probably waste the whole day on finding the cause. And what is so important I wanted to write you today?


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