And then you come in - all in white with a glass of your

product and you say: drink this, and all your worries and troubles will be gone - you'll be feeding your baby!

Every customer experiences anger, and not only the customer, when looking at what is happening in the streets at the moment... Anger makes us ready to act, often in an extreme.

Why should we ignore this motor of human action? Because we settle for the first better answer.... And meanwhile, on the other side of the closet, Narnia is waiting. Sometimes it is the case that a client is just one step away from changing his life. But he stands still because he is afraid, and on the other hand he is tormented by the thought: is this everything?

Is this all that is possible in this situation? Is this all I can afford? Nothing more will happen? There must be something more! There has to be a solution to this problem. Someone has to know the answer! So copywriters are there to help clients cross that threshold.

But how are they supposed to help clients when they themselves are doing the exact same thing?

That's when I step in - all in white with a new course in hand and I say: don't just settle for what you already have, because beyond the threshold of of this course you will learn the oldest method of gaining mass masses with your words. It has been used by the greatest religious leaders, spiritual leaders and... atheists.

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