We decide what we do, when we do it and for how much. We choose the clients we want to cooperate with. We work in our own way with extraordinary efficiency, because we ignore thousands of unnecessary details. We focus only on what is important - to us and to our clients, even if they don't understand it. It is us who change the shape of this world - a docile ram follows Shepherd's voice.

We are the ones who save the customers from stupidity that results from their ignorance. We are the ones who tell it the way it is, not the way someone ...and not how someone would like it. We don't always make millions, but we have a happy life on on our own terms. We know that the shape of our lives depends on our decisions and not an imposed vision of happiness.

What if we were to convince a client that we know and that's why and that's why we're recommending it, do you think you could increase sales by 65%?

In ecomers we are able to create an algorithm that creates customer purchase history and on this basis recommends a purchase.

This is the future of sales in general.

But what should a person do who does not have such data and wants to use this want to use this method for sales? Well, there is a copywriter's way.

It has an additional advantage, because it is also one of the strongest method of building credibility in sales.

Two in one, it has to increase sales! Monetate has not only conducted surveys, but has also studied the impact of personalization on sales! They discovered that the more personalized pages a customer sees, the more they buy!

For example, adding personalization between the 2nd and 3rd page increased conversions by 100%. And when they studied the conversion of personalized pages from 2 to 10, it increased by 229%! I don't want to bore you with research here, just encourage you to to experiment on your own.

Where does this apply? Anywhere where you don't want to wait a long time for a sale. When you want to write a relevant text right away instead of trying and and get frustrated.


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