This will be an extreme example of what I want to write about this week. In one post about the last games I played near the end I wrote an ugly word....

Remember when I wrote you that everything elicits reactions?

And here's a classic, two extreme reactions: (a) One subscriber unsubscribed immediately with the with the comment: "I think you can do bookmaking business without strong swearing."

I agree 100% if anything. b) Marta wrote to me and reacted by buying Money or Life course!

You know, Darek, what convinced me in the end? "You got your low price, dickhead." You made me laugh so much that I cried almost laughing, and it made me stop being nervous about spending two hundred bucks on the betting-analysis option. not two hundred, because please, how much is it, but the option betting analysis, because for a couple of years now I have been the one who evaluates and I've been evaluating and analyzing bettings for a few years now and it's comfortable and nice for me to think that I'm great at what I write and how I revise, and I baaaaaaaally don't want to think that you might find something to correct, and actually even thinking about the fact that I WILL have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND LEARN SOMETHING.

The first step of getting leads over the bookmaker by>