After disappearing, the door would return after some time and the gambler was informed of this.

What a relief, one can let go, right? But no, the respondents still did not let the door disappear!

This is how fear of loss works !!!

Dan told of a friend of his who, for three months choosing a camera from two with very similar specifications. When he finally chose, Dan asked him a question: "How many opportunities did you miss in those three months to take interesting pictures, and how much would you have paid to have photographs of family and friends documenting that time?" And you, how many chances to make a good sale do you lose by thinking over the choice of words?

How to analyse it.... AND how others do it.... aha... but how to analyse it.... And most importantly: What will people say? What will people say when I analyse it this way? It's the fear of losing a customer that will disappear like that door in the MIT experiment. Instead of making money, such a person is focused on not lose a single person.... So as not to analyse something that will offend some customer. Because he will unsubscribe, make a bad comment or whatever. Because then he won't buy.... ...In most cases, such a person will not buy anyway. "Offended" is just an excuse, not the real reason. What's worse is that at 10pm another door will disappear.

Just dictate - Best tip for march 2021 !

to me the contents of your dream course for your own match in March 2021 ! on, perfectly point by point, as if your your match of the year and business of a lifetime! If one such course for 2021 is not enough for you, describe all the courses that it could be. But consider the scope of my specialty! I'm not going to teach you how to crochet.... so choose something from what what I know about :)

I look forward to your suggestions all the time

I'll announce the winners in Friday's newsletter. And if you've already got it all, analyse your suggestions too, because that way you have a chance to receive as part of the package exactly what you need! I reserve the right to distribute the prizes differently should my conscience would not allow me to award the main prizes, so do your best :)

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